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Franklin's 50th "Peanuts" Anniversary | The Daily Show

  • Published on: 10 August 2018
  • In honor of the 50th anniversary of Franklin being introduced as the first black “Peanuts” character, Trevor and Roy Wood Jr. break down his most cringeworthy appearances.

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  • Runtime : 5:38
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  • Fearn’s Antics
    Fearn’s Antics   3 days ago

    100 million Peanuts comic strip readers?!?! Wow didn’t know that. Trevor you expressed distaste that the old lady would turn to Charles Schultz after MLK murder... that it’s strange to turn to a comic strip for change. Don’t you consider yourself a comedian? You’re constantly bringing up civil rights issues and calling for change. I might be wrong but, based on exposure, I guess you can say that Franklin did more for civil rights than you do? 😉

  • C gatz
    C gatz   3 days ago

    trevor is jealous of franklin ,because he's" all black"

  • KC NotQuiteHD
    KC NotQuiteHD   3 days ago

    I only recently found out that there really is a cartoon called, “This is America, Charlie Brown.” Lol!

  • Miss BloopTart
    Miss BloopTart   3 days ago

    For all of you moaning and groaning, you do realize this is all a joke, right? They aren't as pissy about a comic character as much as you all are pissy at the thought of someone being pissy over a comic character. Come on, the Thanksgiving bit was a JOKE. Get over it.

  • Doug Breazeale
    Doug Breazeale   4 days ago

    What's wrong with FAKE NEWS shows like the Daily Show and CNN etc is that all of them do their best to make an agenda more important than freedom.Something that cost blood to obtain and can be lost by the whims of those deemed to be our rulers.

  • Emelia Bailey
    Emelia Bailey   4 days ago

    Do you realize you have more YouTube subscribers then Will Smith.

  • Bruce Wang
    Bruce Wang   4 days ago

    Dear trevor noah,You are the worst, your "jokes" fall short everytime. The people who find you entertaining, enjoy how you pander to their victimhood more than anything else. Ignorant people watch programs like yours and believe themselves to be informed on political views, but all you do is say what everyone else is already saying. You aren't daring and you aren't clever. Please stop being who you are immediately. Thanks,Bruce

  • Michael Tepes
    Michael Tepes   4 days ago

    We just broke The DaVinci Code of Charlie Brown racism LOL

  • Matthew Cosby
    Matthew Cosby   4 days ago

    They say we have cultural differences but then when you show the differences, they cry about it being a stereotype. For goodness sakes, complaining to complain, typical.

  • The Mage
    The Mage   4 days ago

    Race baiting ass-clown, Trevor...he's not black, he's 100% asshole, and all he spews is shit. I bet the spends 90% of his time, trying to figure out how to stir up more shit. I don't have any friends of any race or culture that think this TV twit is even the least bit entertaining or funny, or that he has a freakin clue about anything.

  • Mikey' Michael
    Mikey' Michael   4 days ago

    And we supposed to care because Charles Shultz added a token black?? Trevor Noah should stick to talking about the problems in his shit hole nation , and the blatant prejudice of whites there ! .and this show is shit since this chimp took over !

  • Poco the Pupper
    Poco the Pupper   5 days ago

    *draws some lines all over a peanuts character*"We just fixed American racism"

  • C gatz
    C gatz   5 days ago

    trevor uses his black half to push his racist political bullshit

  • Steve Levandoski
    Steve Levandoski   5 days ago

    They forgot the part where Schultz's editor asked him to change it and get rid of Franklin and he said, "Well, Larry, let’s put it this way: Either you print it just the way I draw it or I quit. How’s that?.

  • IW EU
    IW EU   5 days ago

    Hey Trev, you should consider making a return to South Africa. I hear appartide revenge is in full swing. Maybe you could tell your jokes there to kick off the genocide. Clearly that's what you want.

  • thellow drog
    thellow drog   5 days ago

    The Falcons are going to win the Super Bowl this year 👍 👍

  • Louise K
    Louise K   5 days ago

    She knew the way to touch the mind of the public is to get a hold of the children.

  • Ray R.
    Ray R.   5 days ago

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  • Li B
    Li B   5 days ago

    That was crazy funny. I'm still laughing while typing. Lol

  • Natalie Bell
    Natalie Bell   5 days ago

    Woooow is all I gotta say when they had Franklin dancin to "This is America" 😆

  • Lochen Dude
    Lochen Dude   5 days ago

    So Franklin is a stereotype of blacks in America bringing the jams and the dance to the party? Jazz, blues, rock, rap.....oh wait, that really happened. Congrats Franklin! Keep on kicking out the jams, bunk that ol hokey-pokey!

  • John Smith
    John Smith   5 days ago

    So you'd rather have Franklin act like a cracker than have his own personality?

  • neb519
    neb519   5 days ago

    Can't believe you're still on the air

  • Joycr Waites
    Joycr Waites   6 days ago

    The facial expressions of the rival team are priceless!

  • Nerd
    Nerd   6 days ago

    Add me on snapchat: Nerdism74

    BRENT PARKER   6 days ago

    Regarding the rapping Franklin clip, yeah it's hilariously awkward to look at now. But, A) according to Wikipedia, "It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown" "was produced in 1992 but unlike previous specials it was not shown on CBS, and remained unseen until Paramount released it on video in 1996 alongside 1966's Charlie Brown's All-Stars." So out of all the "Peanuts" specials that aired on TV, they picked a clip from one that never did and was held back from the public for four years. And B) it was the 90s. Even Mickey Mouse had a rap album in the 90s. (Seriously, it was called "Mickey Unrapped.")