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Giant Raindrop Cake: Behind Tasty

  • Published on: 05 August 2018
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  • Runtime : 13:41
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  • Ray44 Games
    Ray44 Games   2 hours ago

    4:25 u look like a old lady because of the shade

  • Jem San
    Jem San   6 hours ago

    Ini cuman ager ager cuk....

  • Minh Yen
    Minh Yen   8 hours ago

    good job, it’s very helpful, Tks u very much

  • us178
    us178   10 hours ago

    More videos with Alix, she's so hot

  • Trashy Danny
    Trashy Danny   12 hours ago

    I thought she was billie eilish in the thumbnail lmao

  • misled1982
    misled1982   16 hours ago

    it looks just like the first one.!!!

  • erra amira
    erra amira   16 hours ago

    agar agar is a jelly actually in malay haha

  • FaNNaTiK plays
    FaNNaTiK plays   16 hours ago

    This looks sooo ugly but amazing to see how hard it is to create this this girl is really sweet and funny like

  • Brit Brit
    Brit Brit   20 hours ago

    try making stretchy ice cream !!

  • Zoe Ntim
    Zoe Ntim   21 hours ago

    Taste raindropy So water

  • Monica Ford
    Monica Ford   1 days ago

    Alix is such a goddess, could she please do some style videos too, like please tell me where I can get dem jeans? I guess it's really hard/impossible to get a giant clear raindrop cake that holds it's shape

  • Victor Lindvall
    Victor Lindvall   1 days ago

    raindrop, drop cake, shaking and making the drop cake drop'pop

  • Joseph Meh CROB
    Joseph Meh CROB   1 days ago

    Alix : Oh pulling out the top boxes totally wont make the bottom boxes drop!Boxes dropAlix : Oh.Picks up boxes

  • R023
    R023   1 days ago

    When Alix said the tap water tasted metallic I was a bit disturbed. I live in Melbourne, which has the best water in Australia. The thought that tap water could be 'off' in a first world country is unsettling.

  • Braedon Dowell
    Braedon Dowell   1 days ago

    I’m so attracted to Alix; she’s so beautiful, goofy and fun. 😍

  • TheBestMedicine
    TheBestMedicine   1 days ago

    This woman is so attractive, I literally just spent 13 minutes laughing and giggling along. And wow, Gosh so much work! Really starting to appreciate good desserts now.

  • olivia15073
    olivia15073   1 days ago

    Congratulations on putting so much effort into a dessert that looks like something nobody will ever want to eat.

  • Elisa Acevedo
    Elisa Acevedo   1 days ago

    Make the cake in layers next time with the flowers on the first layer so the stay on the bottom

  • Kaori
    Kaori   1 days ago

    her personality is so adorable

  • Sherelle
    Sherelle   1 days ago

    I love these behind the scene videos!! And Alix is so entertaining to watch.

  • Roman Zolanski
    Roman Zolanski   1 days ago

    She’s so funny she reminds me of my big sister i fucking love this bitchhhh

  • Grace Yi
    Grace Yi   1 days ago

    ok, there is NOTHING wrong with being curvy but im sick of all these comments about her being a "bigger version" of like a model or celebrity. SHES SO SLIM THIC LIKE DO U SEE HER WAIST?! check your standards, society.

  • foosonic
    foosonic   1 days ago

    She looks like ronda rousey

  • Yanacha R.
    Yanacha R.   1 days ago

    02:26 omg the girl that stand next to her look like the main girl character in “ratatouille”!! Exactly~ 😂❤️

  • Top Lyric
    Top Lyric   1 days ago

    A chef don't play they work okkk so stop the nonsense