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Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
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  • Runtime : 11:46
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  • Lydia B
    Lydia B   13 seconds ago


  • Brooke Walls
    Brooke Walls   2 minuts ago

    This is seriously amazing. I hope you do more of these paintings!! I’d buy it.

  • Molly O'Neill
    Molly O'Neill   27 minuts ago

    This was the best thing I've watched all week!

  • Kyle Blevins
    Kyle Blevins   39 minuts ago

    Holy fuckin shit jenna , that actually really good. Youre trees are quite arousing. Lmfao. But no, really. Great job. Happy birfffdayy!

  • Sarah Stanley
    Sarah Stanley   42 minuts ago

    7:52 will be the funniest moment in history

  • SerenityGamesToo
    SerenityGamesToo   56 minuts ago

    You actually did a pretty good job. The clouds need work, but the rest of it looks rather nice.

  • Shay Morgan
    Shay Morgan   1 hours ago

    ok jenna paints better than i have even after i took a semester of painting class

  • yourmom . com
    yourmom . com   1 hours ago

    Leave it alone?Leave it alone. Leave it alone?Leave it alone.

  • 리아
    리아   1 hours ago

    Bob’s water looked still, yours looks like a waterfall almost Jenna. Equally pleasing to look at!

  • Jessica Starr
    Jessica Starr   1 hours ago

    I think a better brush would've made the sky easier, but it still looks really good. A+ on those happy little trees

  • bunzerelli
    bunzerelli   1 hours ago

    This is the best video shes ever done and should be a series on own!

  • Summer
    Summer   1 hours ago

    you did really good! makes me think i could try as well

  • tubez4321
    tubez4321   1 hours ago

    I've been watching Bob Ross for years and I'd say your painting actually wasn't bad at all.

  • Jessamy Tred
    Jessamy Tred   1 hours ago

    I mean, it actually turned out really well

  • treasure toast
    treasure toast   1 hours ago

    Jenna is rlly goals like she's artistic, hot and funny

  • chillidoglover 123
    chillidoglover 123   1 hours ago

    your actually very good at painting! sceneries are very hard to paint/draw in my opinion so 10/10 Jenna (you should do another one :)

  • Justin Davis
    Justin Davis   1 hours ago

    The reason you could see your brush strokes is because you used to much white.

  • Princess RyBugg
    Princess RyBugg   1 hours ago

    Jenna I’m so proud of you girl it looks so good honestly!!!❤️

  • Claire tiggs
    Claire tiggs   1 hours ago

    Very awesome effort your painting is beautiful Jenna, happy birthday xxxxx

  • Megan Miller
    Megan Miller   1 hours ago

    Okay new video idea or podcast whatever idek but you should do the bean boozled challenge idk how to spell but please do it please please

  • kpop stuff
    kpop stuff   1 hours ago

    you honestly painted the trees, water and mountain beautifully

  • Jez Tam
    Jez Tam   2 hours ago

    I love it jenna, just work on the clouds but that's it👏💖

  • Izzy Kay
    Izzy Kay   2 hours ago

    why is this like acually good, nobody expected this, nobody.