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iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
  • iPhone Xs & Xs Max vs iPhone X. Should You Upgrade? Is The Price Worth It? Features, Cameras, Speed, Battery & Full Comparison.

    iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max:
    iPhone Xs vs Galaxy Note 9/S9:
  • Runtime : 11:22
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  • Copiee
    Copiee   3 minuts ago

    Keeping my s9 + close 2 me

  • Nino Del Rosario
    Nino Del Rosario   40 minuts ago

    Your skin is so great..would you mind to create a vlog regarding your skincare routine..just kidding hahaha

  • Alex Aguilar
    Alex Aguilar   2 hours ago

    Will the iPhone X and the iPhone xs fit the same case?

  • Serena b
    Serena b   2 hours ago

    Just another boring iPhone and nobody queue up for it anymore. Next year will be the same design, few upgrades and price increase. Same old marketing for Apple, lack of innovation anymore. I will stick to my landline.

  • Shaina Lieggi
    Shaina Lieggi   2 hours ago

    If they said you can go in water to a certain depth it should be covered in the warranty

  • Andrew 07
    Andrew 07   4 hours ago

    I have to get a second charger if I get a new phone, because they don't 'come with a fast charger' anymore smh

  • Steven Bianco
    Steven Bianco   4 hours ago

    If you have a iPhone 10s can u do a drop test. iPhone 10s vs iPhone X

  • Renee Young
    Renee Young   5 hours ago

    i really like apple but how can anyone say this is worth it XD this is so NOT worth it!

  • Anna
    Anna   6 hours ago

    Still have a 6s and it’s fine 🙂 not gonna spend £1,000 on a phone 😕

  • Kaiden Bobb
    Kaiden Bobb   6 hours ago

    The price to fix the glass on the 10 is the price of the seven. By lowering the prices your making people ignore your expensive as hell products

  • law2181
    law2181   7 hours ago

    Man there are too many adverts. Every other minute!

  • Nine Dnine
    Nine Dnine   8 hours ago

    Apple put glass on both sides of the the phone & then charges when it breaks. Kiss my ass ill keep my 7plus

  • Nine Dnine
    Nine Dnine   8 hours ago

    What a fan boy......every other reviewers said there are no difference

  • Kaelyn Davis
    Kaelyn Davis   9 hours ago

    well I'm over here still with the iPhone 6s , so i think i am going to upgrade.

  • Axnfell
    Axnfell   10 hours ago

    Too many advert breaks ruin this video

  • NM_KNG__
    NM_KNG__   11 hours ago

    Lmao I got a galaxy note 9 ad and it'd about, how Samsung's battery lasts longer then iphone

  • Wall Street
    Wall Street   11 hours ago

    Nokia 3310 still going strong since year 1997

  • eggsoos for b'fast
    eggsoos for b'fast   13 hours ago

    i have 6s right now which I have been using since 2016, should I buy iPhone Xs or iPhone X???

  • silent0steele
    silent0steele   13 hours ago

    iPhone Nike Air Max doesn’t come with AirPods?!?! I’ll keep my iPhone X. Apple please don’t tell me it’s future proof. Unless there is no new IPhone next year.

  • Jeffrey Bousquet
    Jeffrey Bousquet   14 hours ago

    Everything apple Currently have iPhone 8. Should I upgrade to the XS, or save some money and just go with the X since the differences are not very substantial

  • Malachi the yungin
    Malachi the yungin   14 hours ago

    sksksks I came here searching for comments about the ad that I saw then forgot I was watching a iPhone vid before it came on saksksk🤣

  • Free 916
    Free 916   15 hours ago

    Fuck $1500.. Back to droids macs r R noobs anywayz

  • BrandonLee
    BrandonLee   17 hours ago

    I am still really happy with my Samsung galaxy s8

  • BrandonLee
    BrandonLee   17 hours ago

    Samsung galaxy s8 is not that much worse even tho it's so much cheaper

  • navataru
    navataru   18 hours ago

    I hate the idea of using my face to login into my phone, it’s annoying and awkward. I was thinking about upgrading but screw that. I’m sticking to m my 6s and if another more practical phone enters the market I’m going with that. As nice as Apples UX design is, it’s not worth the money when the basic Ux is gone to shit.

  • Trancenectar
    Trancenectar   19 hours ago

    Sell your iPhone X, then pay the $300 difference. Problem solved 😉

  • Mark Putnam
    Mark Putnam   20 hours ago

    Dude I love your videos, they are very informative. With that said I know you're doing this to make money but the ad break's are getting ridiculous on your channels bro. If they don't cut back I'm going to be switching to one of your competitors in the future ( not gonna plug their channel but you probably know who I'm considering) .