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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Impressions: Underrated!

  • Published on: 09 August 2018
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely already a candidate for phone of the year. What a monster. Enjoy this first hands-on!

    Also - there's 4 colors, not 2: Black, orange, blue, lavender.

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    Intro Track: Drugs by Alltta (Instrumental)

  • Runtime : 6:11
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  • bdougwrx
    bdougwrx   1 hours ago

    Just ordered 2. ATT BOGO

  • Nate Leath
    Nate Leath   3 hours ago

    Who makes these killer beats? Well done:)

  • Black Stone
    Black Stone   4 hours ago

    First Samsung phone I actually consider good-looking.

  • XtremeGamer
    XtremeGamer   5 hours ago

    I've preordered the 512gb version in midnight black..can't wait...

  • Tessa Mae Mata
    Tessa Mae Mata   7 hours ago

    beautiful phone. makes me want to buy one even though I am waiting for next yr's release. ><,

  • benq.
    benq.   8 hours ago

    pls gimme the fortnite galaxy skin u got w/ the note 9 :D imma be the default god

  • abed haj yihia
    abed haj yihia   9 hours ago

    you missed the dual speakers...not front facing but still really good ones

  • mrzoozilla
    mrzoozilla   9 hours ago

    I’ll get it If it doesn’t blow up

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake   11 hours ago

    How come MKBHD doesnt review sony phones..????

  • Tshepang Sentsho
    Tshepang Sentsho   12 hours ago

    The diff between S9+ and Note 9 is the screen size, battery and the s pen, so why pay more ? If u don’t believe compare them on the gsmarena and you’ll see for yourself. M sure the S10 is coming soon so I rather wait...

  • Justin Dufrene
    Justin Dufrene   12 hours ago

    Nobody mentions Samsung Pay. The app is a luxury.

  • Damian Peterkin
    Damian Peterkin   12 hours ago

    Always a great and informative review! Thanks man. About this quality phone; I honestly like every feature and I think the design is still top notch!The specs are wonderful and an all around great look for Samsung as one of the leaders in the phone market. I think the S-pen is more useful now than it ever was (not just a distraction or toy).It would be pretty darn cool to own this phone and harness it's technology.

  • William Su
    William Su   12 hours ago

    Its got a lot that it comes with but at the same time samsung phones really dont have intresting features that I really want in a phone that stands out. So it wont be my next phone but i can accept that this is the epitome of what a flagship currently is or should be.

  • Data Hogs
    Data Hogs   13 hours ago

    Why do people talk about the headphone jack like it's some kind of perk? That's some old breakable tech. I'm glad apple took the steps to rid of it.

  • JAZZ
    JAZZ   15 hours ago

    Computing power is getting smaller!! Woohoo!

  • Night Devil
    Night Devil   18 hours ago


  • Nick Crompton
    Nick Crompton   20 hours ago

    He makes every phone look small with his huge hands

  • Oliver Bilgrav Nisgaard

    This is basically what Marques wanted in his perfect smartphone, which he described in that video he made long ago.

  • sNstRflyEr
    sNstRflyEr   21 hours ago

    Just pre-ordered 7 of them. My employees are going to love them.....and me 😉

  • Jadin Andrews
    Jadin Andrews   22 hours ago

    Someone probably already mentioned this, but DeX is now built into the phone.

  • Yudi Govender
    Yudi Govender   22 hours ago

    3:44 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Njubish
    Njubish   22 hours ago

    Funfact, I wanted to see marques video on note 9 but could not remember the name. I searched for "black guy who reviews phones" and he was the first suggestion. Google is goddamn scary

  • Sugar piece
    Sugar piece   22 hours ago

    Sumsung brings Reality more then anyone's imagination

  • Aleksandr Strizhevskiy
    Aleksandr Strizhevskiy   23 hours ago

    Does anyone know if it is Daydream compatible. I see no info about it but the Note 8 was so I would assume it is.

  • Elier Herrera
    Elier Herrera   23 hours ago

    quick question!!! should I buy note 8 at 599 or s9 at 569?

  • Shani Shain
    Shani Shain   1 days ago

    Still not impressed that much. I get it, 4000 mAh battery, 128/512 GB Internal Memory and 6.4" Screen. But same old design, same old Camera positions and SINGLE front camera, where all the budget phones are getting dual cameras in the front and back.And its costlier; hope Apple won't take this as a challenge and put pricer tag on their next iphones.

  • zermello franck
    zermello franck   1 days ago

    Note 9 or note 8s? 1250 Euros???!!! he will suffer the same fate as Galaxy S9-S9+

  • sirlillo
    sirlillo   1 days ago

    why they are not able to do a nice design???