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AJ Tracey - Packages #MicCheck @AJFromTheLane | Link Up TV

  • Published on: 22 February 2016
  • Prod By @Mazzamurda

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  • Runtime : 4:15
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  • Manchesterz Finest
    Manchesterz Finest   1 days ago

    It's a pitty that all his new shit is literal dog shit he's pretty sick when he wants to be

  • Leo Want
    Leo Want   2 days ago

    Big zuu got gassed wen he said burger with onions 😂😂😂

  • Teddy Barrow
    Teddy Barrow   3 days ago

    2:07 man go bare gassed when a cheeseburger got mentioned 😂

  • referral madness
    referral madness   1 weeks ago

    the fat guy standing in the background is AJ tracy's brother , look how he's acting like a roadman in the video but when the grenfell tower incident happened he gave an interview to ITV and he's definitely not a roadman lmao

  • BanterMan
    BanterMan   1 weeks ago

    Nah why did big zuu get gassed when cheeseburger was mentioned 😂😂

  • Kritz
    Kritz   1 weeks ago

    tracey hit 11 million my guyyyy

  • Keith53484
    Keith53484   1 weeks ago

    2:05 he’s fat friend got excited when he was baring abt a burger

  • Alfie Nail
    Alfie Nail   1 weeks ago

    Who’s here in August 2018 this shit still bangs💥🔥❄️

  • tickle me
    tickle me   1 weeks ago

    Was it cold in there or something ??

  • Siam Holland
    Siam Holland   2 weeks ago

    Yeah yeahAJ from the Lane, link up TV mic checkAJ TraceyOi West London stand upNorth-West stand upShout out my Brixton massiveYo, lookBut it ain't Tottenham, but it ain't TottenhamCan't chat about no ArsenalMan are from, man are fromBut it ain't Tottenham, true say that my dad lived in TottenhamIn my crib man can't chat about ArsenalMan are fromLookYoCheck it, lookMy whole team getting high off sativaMy food's peng like Erin BudinaIf you ain't gang, then you can't get a featureI don't follow back chicks, I'm a leaderShe don't wanna give blows, she a divaShe just wanna give blow to the reeferI got a brown skin push-up LatinaI beat it up, then I bang on the FIFAI don't bring your girl round, I'm a teeferShe said her team got hotter like a feverI ain't tryna be a stayer or a leaverI want FaceTime, I don't wanna beat herNah, FaceTime, I don't wanna mash thatTrapstar hoodie and a snapbackI don't even smoke, but I back strapsPush up your wig and it snap backMy whole team in black cah we're antiYour whole team tryna sing like AshantiMy peng tings looking artwork, BanksyShe come around then she take off the pantyWoah, off pant, take off the thongUs man were cold from 19 How LongI remember getting shots while I'm on FIFAThen tryna text like "AJ, how long?"Now I'm doing shows, I'm earning that wongCan't surf with me, the wave is too strongTell a man how can trapping be deadWhen I been getting all my packs of food gone?Yeah, my connect's still alive and wellStill on my case, tryna line up cellsI'm just tryna cool nuh like TobzLike Gohan, I ain’t tryna find them CellsWoah, I used to push Charlie, now Charlie's pushing meHad the cats on my line something like Pusha TShelled airwaves then I got a music degreeNot literally, I do music for PI ain't gotta bang man using for meMy cuz said 'Trace, use it for free'I'm active, no way I'm losing the beefCome to a show, I got girls in abundanceFuck the Jakes with the cuffs and the truncheonsCouldn't shut down a PC at your nan's gaffBut you wanna hate when I'm shutting down FunctionsBoom-Burger, double cheese, no onionsSouth-West, rep both of the LondonsI was out there getting yacked in DublinDashing Euros down the drain by the hundredsMy iPhone died, pissedBut it's all good cah the brick phone's bangingThis ain't just music, hear what I'm sayingI get the drop, interceptors start slangingNo COD, send the opp and I'll frag himLike Grim said, "man ah black bin bag him"Starting with me is a myth, don't do itSaw the man bring a big black MAC inThe wheel's not deep, look at you cattingItching your arms, look at you man gaggingMe, I have fun and I play with the beatBut I do when I buss, you can say a man's shaggingI don't bun dro, that's not meBut see me in the party fam, I'm laggingLand in the rave, don't need no taggingReal name Flex don't need no paddingDon't pretend to miss the drop like meIf you see somebody do it shout 'AJ T''Cause I fathered the flow, fathered the styleyBare man wanna be a AJ followerI need workers so it's fine by meI'll sponsor youts with a few NikesYou're my son if you're running with a style like meI said don't pretend to miss the drop like meIf you see somebody do it shout 'AJ T''Cause I fathered the flow, fathered the styleyBare man wanna be a AJ followerI need workers so it's fine by meI'll sponsor youts with a few NikesYou're my son if you're running with a style like meLadbroke Grove is where I resideMan get burst up on the G sideLast bredda went and got his door kicked offAll 'cause he asked Jay for a 3.5Anyone who said he touched me, he liedMan thought West was a joke, he triedMy block's just like a hornet's nestYour block's sweet just like a beehiveAnywhere that we got beef, we driveDidn't even hit him that hard, he diedIf you get boomed with the .44 longCritical hit, no chance to reviveDon't think 'cause you got a pouch, you're badKnife in the pouch or not, you'll get skiedWooden handle on a old school spinnerHit man with the brunettes, get dyedDon't think 'cause you're in a whip, you're sickTings in the car or not, you'll get pitchedGolden teeth, we loading that scramHit man with the blonde tips, get liftUs man grind on the road, don't griftCall up Strally and make a boy shiftYour girl said she needs me on her birthdayI wrapped her pum-pum like "take this gift"Run up in a man's yard, ask for the rawTie a man to a chair or the the front doorTell a man's mum "shut your mouth, be quiet"Push man's likkle bro onto the floorThen dash man's Xbox games and a bunchThen eat your younger sibling's packed lunchDon't think 'cause I say cool, you're safeStill make a man's dad go and hit cunchDun knowAJ from the Lane, get 'em man

  • Bradley
    Bradley   2 weeks ago

    It's interesting how you hear the beginnings of UK Drill in this beat.

  • Belal Rashid
    Belal Rashid   2 weeks ago

    Why is he bare happy wen he heard burgers involved

  • ollie
    ollie   2 weeks ago

    i’m here today and i’ll be here tomorrow, endless banger

  • B_A_I_ KING
    B_A_I_ KING   3 weeks ago

    Saw this on fb but man got hype when AJ mentioned cheeseburger 😂 🍔

  • MalakhiIsHere
    MalakhiIsHere   3 weeks ago

    Look how gassed big zuu gets when he mentions burgers

  • xiMoonK0
    xiMoonK0   3 weeks ago

    Probably late,but #akmak

  • P Bortoli
    P Bortoli   3 weeks ago

    Hugo said AJ went to boarding school.

  • michael khan
    michael khan   3 weeks ago

    man got excited when cheeseburger was mentioned 👀😂

  • kaney
    kaney   4 weeks ago

    I love AJ. I want to kiss him

  • kaney
    kaney   4 weeks ago

    Kaney ov ls10 blud

  • felix carroll
    felix carroll   4 weeks ago

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4hFMgDUYxc check my tune trying make it in this ting

  • jamie gary
    jamie gary   1 months ago

    Ohhh shut the fuck up no strap I'll drop u