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Browns vs. Giants Highlights | NFL 2018 Preseason Week 1

  • Published on: 10 August 2018
  • The Cleveland Browns take on the New York Giants in Week 1 of the 2018 NFL preseason.

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  • Runtime : 8:50
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  • M Chaney
    M Chaney   1 days ago

    they might be over due for a decent season.

  • Trigger Man95
    Trigger Man95   1 days ago

    The Cleveland Browns Defeat The New York Giants In Week 1 Of The NFL Preseason.

  • Lou Agui
    Lou Agui   1 days ago

    Browns n 49ers will be their division leaders this season 😉

  • MarloSoBalJr
    MarloSoBalJr   2 days ago

    I think it's high time we quit mocking the Browns. This team is dangerous in the coming "year"... From a Ravens fan right here!

  • Ninja Asher
    Ninja Asher   2 days ago

    If they keep this up they could be big threats

  • Corrie Nye
    Corrie Nye   2 days ago

    Not gonna lie the browns are look good so far

  • DoubleD
    DoubleD   2 days ago

    Mayfield is the truth and with him and Tyrod Taylor, throwing bullets to Callaway the Browns have a good chance of doing well this season. Speed, speed and more speed.

  • jeronimo sanchez
    jeronimo sanchez   2 days ago

    former panther players were making plays for giants...leonard johnson,jalen simmons,Scott simonson

  • J.R Alexander
    J.R Alexander   3 days ago

    The Browns finally win after a million seasons 😂

  • Bxape V
    Bxape V   3 days ago

    Damn saquon Barkley on fire already🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Clipzs !
    Clipzs !   3 days ago

    I forgot Jarvis was on the browns rofl

  • d morris
    d morris   3 days ago


  • NHL Vids
    NHL Vids   4 days ago

    Who thinks the browns are a playoff team

  • Cam Pimpy
    Cam Pimpy   4 days ago

    I feel as though some of these plays aren’t highlights

  • Gamerwill3000 _
    Gamerwill3000 _   4 days ago

    I only looked at this to see Odell but he wasn't even playing

  • Moood Medo
    Moood Medo   4 days ago

    اَْلّيِ وگٍعتٍ عيِنَهً ع تٍعلّيِقيِ اَْنَشاَْلّلّهًهً يِتٍحًحًقق اَْلّيِ أاَْباَْلّهً اَْشتٍرگٍوواَْاَْبقنَاَْتٍيِيِ مٌردودهًهًμوؤاَْلّرباَْعرفُ عدد مٌشتٍرگٍيِنَيِ گٍمٌ اَْحًمٌ يِعنَيِ مٌحًد يِجُذٍب اَْوگٍخلّيِنَيِ اَْشوفُ گٍمٌ واَْحًد رحً يِشتٍرگٍ وردهًهً

  • nine dawgs
    nine dawgs   4 days ago

    First play of the game BARKLEY Did it!

  • Kyle Groce
    Kyle Groce   4 days ago

    Browns are at least winning three to four games this year