Jerome Cowan | The First (2018 ) | Paradise PD S1 E4

iPhone XR Impressions: All of the Colors!

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
  • iPhone XR might actually be the iPhone for everyone! Even if we don't know what the R stands for...

    iPhone Xs and Xs Max Impressions:

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    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:

    Intro Track: Homebound by Droeloe

  • Runtime : 6:35
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  • Joshua Sanchez
    Joshua Sanchez   22 minuts ago

    Can someone explain, what you guys mean by watching videos on 1080p?I have the iphone 8 and can watch 1080p videos on youtube,

  • Xymeth _
    Xymeth _   37 minuts ago

    I've used 7 phones in the past 30 months. All because i destroyed it or it slid out of my pocket in a cab. All my phones are black and all the Cab seats are also black so from now. im never gonna use Black Phones

  • Coleco Vw.
    Coleco Vw.   1 hours ago

    $749 can buy you a lot of Anime and Manga. $749 can buy you lots of pizza 🍕 $749 can buy you lots of Hentai$749 can buy you lots of DMT🧖‍♂️You can let Apple screw you for $749 and it doesn’t involve sex. And for everything else there’s Mastercard.

  • Luis Saballo
    Luis Saballo   1 hours ago

    worst review ever .... this iPhone XR is trash literally $749 with not 1080p at least

  • RetroGames Dinosaur
    RetroGames Dinosaur   2 hours ago

    Is Apple not ashamed? 720P+ screen on a 750 dollar device!! wtf... profit must be 650 dollar!

  • FB I
    FB I   3 hours ago

    why is everything small in your hands

  • Sam Li
    Sam Li   3 hours ago

    Next iPhone:remove the screen all together to c̶u̶t̶ ̶c̶o̶s̶t̶ (innovation), you can imagine it in your head.Also it comes with a bit of crack to help you get started XD

  • Deon Lyke
    Deon Lyke   3 hours ago

    Coming from the 7, it’s an upgrade. 🤷🏽‍♂️ just speaking for me.

  • kenneth lam
    kenneth lam   4 hours ago

    This is a great phone.........if it came out in 2013

  • sidiki Diane
    sidiki Diane   5 hours ago

    Seriously even the pocophone has a better screen (1080p). That's odd.

  • A
    A   6 hours ago

    After apple releasing the new iPhones, I’m really considering switching to android if I upgrade...

  • Twan Koeslag
    Twan Koeslag   6 hours ago

    Wait hol’ up, this phone can’t watch in 1080p but can film in 4K?

  • chi u
    chi u   7 hours ago

    I thought people were joking when they said the r wasn't at least 720p. Apple really wants people to drop their rent money on the s models don't they?

  • Klumsy Kameleon
    Klumsy Kameleon   8 hours ago

    1:22 if this was an Android phone he would've been ripping into this saying it's outrageous for $750

  • cam Nix
    cam Nix   8 hours ago

    Will the XR screen be better than the 6s plus screen?

  • Klumsy Kameleon
    Klumsy Kameleon   8 hours ago

    Hey Apple fucktards, why not watch this video in 720p or push yourself to 360p cos that's worth 750$$$ apparently.

  • Abhik Biswas
    Abhik Biswas   8 hours ago

    Well, R comes before S so, apple uses that to show that it's a lower range device.

  • Marko Veljanovski
    Marko Veljanovski   8 hours ago

    The 8 had the same ppi and didnt have 1080p yet still a lot of people bought it.

  • Warfv
    Warfv   9 hours ago

    Samsung win this year . Apple just f..... Up

  • NikkoEusebio
    NikkoEusebio   9 hours ago

    I think “R” stands for “rare”. 😅

  • Donna Peroche
    Donna Peroche   10 hours ago

    People really have to wake up and stop sucking Tim Cook s cock

  • Mohommed Jazlaan
    Mohommed Jazlaan   10 hours ago

    so basically its an overclocked x only with a crappier display?

  • Chris D
    Chris D   10 hours ago

    720p LCD... HAHAHA... for the same price as an S9... BWAHAHA, buy the 8 plus instead.

  • SamiraXox
    SamiraXox   11 hours ago

    Andd... Why would this sell?

  • Hope Isaac
    Hope Isaac   12 hours ago

    To sum up everything, over love for iPhones makes us patronise the product and not its features.

  • Stephen Wayda
    Stephen Wayda   12 hours ago

    I miss the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4 days. Back then you could buy the iPhone outright for $600. It was considered extremely expensive back then. Few people had smartphones and apps were just apps, not billion dollar industries. Instagram wasn't even a thing yet and phones were priced competitively to lure people into buying them. This pile of junk is not worth $750

  • Ach Ashri
    Ach Ashri   13 hours ago

    Now i am getting it(in my dreams)LoL........ 😂😂

  • Richard _
    Richard _   13 hours ago

    Ok the iphone X"R" is UGLY. Moreover, knocking off the 1080P. Joke of the year, lol no wait, that Apple for you in 2018

  • MrPoppasmurf79
    MrPoppasmurf79   14 hours ago

    It's like having a specd out gaming pc and using a cheap display. No thanks.

    ABIGAIL AGYEI-MENSAH   15 hours ago

    First Apple removed the headphone jack Then the home button and Touch ID Now they throw away 1080p .

    LOHITHANGAN   15 hours ago

    I think this will surely reach out to the most of the customers worldwide for a budget price..

  • kri 14
    kri 14   16 hours ago

    I'm from the blackgeek video @Blackgeek