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The Mind of Jake Paul - Teaser Trailer

  • Published on: 11 September 2018
  • 9.25.18
  • Runtime : 1:8
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  • Deni James
    Deni James   1 minuts ago

    I'm not really a fan of Jake Paul but this looks so good

  • Melanie Sonier
    Melanie Sonier   3 minuts ago

    I don't want to sound rude or mean but can we have more conspiracy or vlogs vids! Its been a long time loll love to see all of you together just having fun and goofing around!

  • Vania
    Vania   4 minuts ago

    Btw i kinda miss ur conspiracy theories shane

  • Vania
    Vania   4 minuts ago


  • Brielle
    Brielle   5 minuts ago

    Ugh I keep checking ur channel to see if the video is up yet

  • QweenC
    QweenC   6 minuts ago


  • Karen Salinas
    Karen Salinas   27 minuts ago

    Riddle me this. Is it a coincidence that the emergency number 9-1-1 is the same date of this horrific day of 9/11🤔PLEASE REPOND

  • gregory largent
    gregory largent   34 minuts ago

    Post a conspiracy theory video god damn it stop with the gay shit

  • jamie kaye
    jamie kaye   42 minuts ago

    I miss conspiracy theories. I love Shane but I feel like that's 4 or 5 videos have been with Jeffrey and while I LOVE Jeffery I miss Shane and Garret. I feel sad like I lost someone really special. This channel used to be a daily but now I just miss old Shane. Spooky content and I like these mini documentaries don't forget your spooky Bois. ❤❤ Love you Shane.

  • DjWolf LordofWolfs
    DjWolf LordofWolfs   44 minuts ago

    Deflated Hypnotist can you tell me where you heard that Jake had a manager as a small child?He been growing since he started YouTube as a 12 year old kid.He did vine,gaming, and later Disney to get himself where he is now😕

  • tssf
    tssf   46 minuts ago

    This serious better not make me like Jake Paul I wouldn't be able to live with myself

  • Kaylei Burton
    Kaylei Burton   52 minuts ago

    When is it coming out in so excited!!!! Pls tell me soon fyi love your channel can you maybe do a video meeting or Facetiming fans and just have us dm or numbers to you on Instagram!!! I really want to talk to you about my problems in live and just say hello... And also pls go on tour and write another book!!!!! I love you channel pls do my videos more often or I'm going to end up having to watch Jake and Logan which I don't want to do..... Like is you agree with me or want to meet shane lets get this comment to the top. P.s. I love you shane

  • micael kemp
    micael kemp   54 minuts ago

    Shane after you do Jake you should do Gabbie Hanna

  • Roza Jafarian
    Roza Jafarian   1 hours ago

    This video really proves how much Shane does for us.

  • the bushy boy
    the bushy boy   1 hours ago

    I want the old shane back hes so different....

  • brenda brenda
    brenda brenda   1 hours ago

    where the fuccc is this new content we want some shane dawson, release the series!!!

  • jumpy j
    jumpy j   1 hours ago

    Shane you are killin it rn

  • mia
    mia   1 hours ago

    wow this channel has really transformed over the years. such good content now I love this channel even more than when I first started watching him only a few years ago. so proud of you shane, I honestly thought that this type of content production would only last a short amount of time, but no you've pursued so many times and put out such good content time and time again. I'm excited everytime a series comes out, it's like waiting for a new episode from my favorite show on Netflix. but this is youtube, yet you've brought that same feeling to youtube and it's insaaaaane. quality over quantity my dude.

  • Hannah Rowe
    Hannah Rowe   1 hours ago

    I hate Jake but I’m only going to watch because Shane is in it (:

  • Marylin Ruiz
    Marylin Ruiz   1 hours ago

    I love you shane... but why him?! WHY??!!

  • Laya Owensby
    Laya Owensby   1 hours ago


  • Kelsey
    Kelsey   1 hours ago

    Shane, I love you and all and I appreciate the time and effort you put into your videos and I’m really enjoying the docu series, but I miss some of your old videos as well. You rarely post now and that’s kind of annoying considering I’m a huge fan. I feel like I’m slowly losing my interest in your videos because I have to wait so long to see them. I miss the conspiracy videos and really just any video of you. I understand that the docu series takes up a lot of time and work but I hate waiting for a video a month at a time and I feel like if it keeps being that way I’m gonna lose interest in watching your channel. Idk this isn’t hate just me thinking out loud. Love you Shane

  • Bridget Boyle
    Bridget Boyle   1 hours ago

    Shane, when are you going to post the video??

  • Yum Box
    Yum Box   1 hours ago

    Shane can either save or destroy careers with these mini series