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Ronda Rousey vs. Alicia Fox: Raw, Aug. 6, 2018

  • Published on: 07 August 2018
  • The Baddest Woman on the Planet competes on Raw for the very first time.
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  • Runtime : 3:28
  • wwe world wrestling entertainment wrestling wrestler wrestle superstars कुश्ती पहलवान डब्लू डब्लू ई मैच सुपरस्टार व्यावसायिक कुश्ती مصارعه Raw Ronda Rousey Alicia Fox sp:ty=high sp:st=wrestling sp:scp=athlete_in_match sp:dt=2018-08-06T20:00:00-04:00 sp:ev=wwe-raw sp:ath=wwe-alfo


  • Oscar
    Oscar   1 hours ago

    Rousey is OP.

  • baej
    baej   1 hours ago

    haha alicia looks like a freaking stick wanna fight ronda

  • DonValleyTraders1
    DonValleyTraders1   3 hours ago

    Rousey. how can she do this rubbish? unless she was a pretender all along...

  • Capo RegimeGCF
    Capo RegimeGCF   5 hours ago

    Wow.. She. (Rousey) has fallen so far from being worth taking seriously lmfao now she fake fightin down with the dogs smh

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez   5 hours ago

    What a joke Rousey , if you going to really try and be some one in wrestling get your timing right because you fucken suck !!! You look so stupid not knowing what to do your just a joke now

  • big must
    big must   7 hours ago

    She cant win an mma so she joims a fake fighting show? LOLOLOL

  • Paula Fonua
    Paula Fonua   13 hours ago

    No one can beat Ronda😬😶😯😔👻

  • Bearfootbob
    Bearfootbob   13 hours ago

    oh Rhonda you have sunk to a new low .........................................

  • Ethan Crowley
    Ethan Crowley   16 hours ago

    Rousy would knock them out for real no problem! Rousy is cocky but she could've been a much better UFC fighter if she wasn't so cocky.

  • lorraine ramos
    lorraine ramos   18 hours ago

    Man Monday Night Raw should be embarrassed of This Woman's championship fight Ronda Rousey was awful

  • PopulationParallax
    PopulationParallax   19 hours ago

    WWE should hire Holly Holm to kick Ronda's head off again. I could watch that all day!

  • A Ginger Cat
    A Ginger Cat   20 hours ago


  • Kelly Carter
    Kelly Carter   20 hours ago

    Why is Rhonda on WWE? Honestly, she can kick all of their butts, must be hard to act like someone else is winning a fight, when real fighting is what you do. Let the wrestlers have WWE, Rhonda. You're going to hurt them

  • Bryde Rapista
    Bryde Rapista   20 hours ago

    You say fake or just act😂But its entertaining 😍

  • Juan Fabela
    Juan Fabela   23 hours ago

    as false as his career in the ufc (loser)

  • 62calum
    62calum   1 days ago

    what a joke that is the only way she will win when its set up

  • Fizzy Fox
    Fizzy Fox   1 days ago

    Straight cringe she has no striking but yet the wwe and all the fat virgins think she the baddest women when Holm and Nunes already proved that false guess this where you go when you're scared to lose a real fight again

  • Blue arr0w
    Blue arr0w   1 days ago

    look how ronda falls its all fake

  • ChubbyChopper
    ChubbyChopper   1 days ago

    paul heyman advocate for ronda rousey who agrees!?

  • Shaista Sharif
    Shaista Sharif   1 days ago

    I hate alicia fox and alexa bliss and i like ronda rousey