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Guess Who's A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on: 11 September 2018
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    A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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    Guess Who's A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut

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  • Runtime : 5:23
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  • R B
    R B   33 minuts ago

    How do I sign up to be apart of these !?!? 😂😂😂

  • Joe G
    Joe G   2 hours ago

    im the only one in the world that will never be in love

  • Pickles S
    Pickles S   4 hours ago

    +Cut Hi Cut i was wondering if maybe you try an experiment like this one ( ) for your would be cool..

  • Blonde Ambition
    Blonde Ambition   12 hours ago

    I'm an early 30s Seattle resident, how can I apply to be a guest on your series?

  • Norsemen Danes
    Norsemen Danes   23 hours ago

    Oh but asian on asian isnt racist this SJW bullshit is annoying and also shows that races stay together

  • E N
    E N   1 days ago

    When playing Despacito gets boring

  • Abby and shelbi
    Abby and shelbi   1 days ago

    HHeHeyHey iHey i jHey i juHey i jusHey i justHey i just mHey i just meHey i just metHey i just met yHey i just met yoHey i just met youHey i just met you hHey i just met you heHey i just met you heyHey i just met you hey wHey i just met you hey whHey i just met you hey whaHey i just met you hey whatHey i just met you hey what uHey i just met you hey what upHey i just met you hey what uHey i just met you hey whatHey i just met you hey whaHey i just met you hey whHey i just met you hey wHey i just met you heyHey i just met you heHey i just met you hHey i just met youHey i just met yoHey i just met yHey i just metHey i just meHey i just mHey i justHey i jusHey i juHey i jHey iHeyHeHWow I literally wasted so much freaking time

    ARRAV   2 days ago

    Ohh nooo! They weren't as diversed as Cut wished them to beee! Usually, people of same race are attracted to each other.

  • Wesley Gray
    Wesley Gray   2 days ago

    This channel is pretty boss. It is putting motion to the whole "Can't judge a book by its color" type of thing.

  • DollsEye
    DollsEye   2 days ago

    Id fail at this cause id just be blushing hardcore and I'd be repeating "I love you" nonstop. I can't hide when i love someone xD

  • Kaynic52
    Kaynic52   2 days ago

    The couple with glasses are such a cute couple!

  • :/
    :/   2 days ago

    How’s this trending on the music section?

  • The End
    The End   2 days ago

    Guess Who Got Punked... HOT OFF THE PRESS:  Project Veritas, Deep State Unmasked: State Dept on Hidden Cam "Resist Everything" "I Have Nothing to Lose"

  • J0rdax
    J0rdax   2 days ago

    Holy shit the one with the hat was a girl? I thought that was a dude the entire time..... wtf is up with lesbians or gay people looking like the opposite sex.

  • Wassap Guys
    Wassap Guys   2 days ago

    From the title before I pressed in I though they used the robot alexa

  • Bobby Singh
    Bobby Singh   2 days ago

    Damn I thought the dike was gonna be like woman?! Ima man!!!

    GOT DA POKE   2 days ago

    Blacks with black tall women with tall man asain with asain white with whites..... Wow RASCIEST BASTARD S lol makes a lote more sense

    TALON LEEVON   2 days ago

    girl needs a fashion makeover, too many people wear basic and blue...

  • Glazed Donut
    Glazed Donut   3 days ago

    Yet she knew the Asian couple was together...

  • Amc1294
    Amc1294   3 days ago

    Why are they reposting content they've already shown months ago?

  • Free Crawler
    Free Crawler   3 days ago

    Come on why can’t you put the black people together it’s ok. It’s cool. We understand.

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    Lyndell O   3 days ago

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  • Kendra Vang
    Kendra Vang   3 days ago

    Love this but sooooooooo cringy lmao 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️